Let us Spray TV3 Documentary Censored from NZ Television

The TV 3 Expose censored from NZ TV. A must see for any member of the public, this doco covers the exposure of the Paritutu and New Zealand community at large to the chemical 2-4-5-T, manufactured at Ivan Watkins Dow in New Plymouth between 1962-1981, and the disastrous effects it had on those exposed.

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Paritutuiwd is a community designed and operated site, dedicated to scientific archival documentation of this issue.

Poisoning Paradise film maker Clyde Graf has written: It was deemed to be unfair to the chemical manufacturers, for TV3 to screen this doco ... and they were fined around $17,000. In regard to the ugly effects of New Zealand made poisons, nothing's changed. The lies are the same, the propaganda's the same, and the types pushing it are the same ...