Kim Dotcom: fund free NZ internet by suing Hollywood and US government

Kim Dotcom, the flamboyant German-born internet entrepreneur facing extradition to the US for alleged piracy, has put forward a plan to give all householders in his new home of New Zealand free broadband access, financed by suing Hollywood studios and the American government.

The 38-year-old, better known to his mother as Kim Schmitz, made a fortune reputed to exceed £100m with his hugely popular Megaupload file storage site, which US prosecutors allege was involved in the distribution of copyright-protected films, music and other material.

Originally based in Hong Kong, Dotcom has had New Zealand residency for two years. In January this year dozens of police raided his mansion in Auckland and other addresses on behalf of the FBI. Six months later New Zealand's high court ruled that the operation was illegal, casting doubt on the 6ft 6in entrepreneur's extradition. Dotcom has been on bail since February.