Generating electricity using a candle and heatsink

Reukpower yet again presents a new DIY renewable energy technology that is sure to interest you. The thermo electric generator is capable of converting heat to electricity. Initially designed to charge a mobile phone, the TEG generates only enough power to power a small radio or some bright LED lights. The system is based on a Peltier cool and works in much the same way as thermoelectric solar generator. Whenever there is a temperature differential from one side of the Peltier to the other a small current is generated.

In case of the TEG, a candle heats one side and a heat sink cools the other. The little voltage that is produced from the Peltier’s contacts is then boosted using a joule thief. It has a 2.5mm output jack for ease of use plugging in different things a large carrying handle and the candle height is fully adjustable to compensate for varying flame heights. See the video to see how it works.

This is TEG2 powering a radio off a candle. It uses the see beck effect to generate electricity. See photos here: It uses a peltier module to power a joule thief mobile phone emergency charger which in turn powers the Radio and lights