Cure Your Own Cancer Cure Your Own Cancer was established with 3 main goals in mind:

-First, to spread awareness that cannabis oil (hemp oil) is a safe, natural CURE for cancer and to use that information get cannabis legalized across the world.

-Second, is to help you become a natural cancer cure advocate by providing you with knowledge and information about hemp oil and how it treats cancer so you can pass it on to others.

-Third, to provide you with all of the information on cannabis (hemp oil) you will need to help you decide how you want to treat yourself or someone you love.

So if you or someone you know is afflicted with this terrible and completely unnecessary disease, your in the right place. Unfortunatly because of laws prohibiting the medical use of cannabis all across the world, we are unable to offer cannabis oil (hemp oil) to you. We are very sorry for that, but that is why we are doing this. We are working to get cannabis legalized so that everyone can have access to this amazing medicine. Cannabis is a plant that God has placed on earth for us to use. No man has the right to take it from us, so we will continue to fight for this until we get our RIGHT back! Today alone approximately 20,000 people worldwide will die due to cancer. Help us end the suffering.