How To Make A Crystal Or Gemstone Elixir. Jeremy's Method.

For people who are serious about making quality gemstone elixirs, the book “Gemstone Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Vol 1” by Gurudas is the best guide you can own, but for those people who would like to make a quality and effective gem elixir without wading through a comprehensive (and somewhat “over-baked" instructional), here is a “basic” method.

NB: The method explained here is my version of “The Full Moon Method”. There are other methods.

This tutorial begins with a warning. Some gemstones and minerals are toxic, such as Galena or Malachite, others are soft and water soluble such as Halite or Selenite and could be damaged in an attempt to make an elixir by this method. It is up to YOU to do due diligence on this before placing any crystals or minerals into water that is intended to be ingested.

Although this is intended to be a basic method, making an effective gem elixir requires some work and attention to detail. The more attention paid to detail, the greater your success will be.


A “right” attitude. Do not make an elixir on a day that you are battling negative emotions, also avoid doing it if you are under the influence of alcohol or are hung-over.

Clear glass bowls without any markings, numbers, patterns, tinting, or words printed on their surface.

Distilled or spring water, if you are using spring water do not rely on bottled water from a supermarket. I am talking about water you get from a natural spring; the less contaminated by processing or chemicals the better.

Un-cut, unpolished crystals/minerals. (Do your own research on the metaphysical properties of them as applicable to your needs when selecting them) bear in mind the quality of the specimen used can have an influence on the outcome. Size is not necessarily an issue, save the mineral being too large to fit in your bowl or vessel.

A quality bottle of brandy for preserving the elixir AKA “fixing”

An un-marked glass bottle with a secure lid (non metal) for storing the “Mother” elixir.

Some eye dropper bottles (available at a Chemist/pharmacy shop) to make dose bottles.

A funnel, preferably glass but plastic will do.


There is a saying: “cleanliness is next to Godliness” and cleanliness is A BIG KEY to success in making a gem elixir. Bear in mind that as well as being a remedy, a gem elixir can also be regarded as a FOOD PRODUCT because it is intended to be put in the body through the mouth. (Elixirs can also be dripped onto chakra points etc) Keep everything you use to make elixirs clean!

All crystals and minerals must be washed and cleansed prior to immersion in the distilled/spring water. There are a number of different ways of cleansing crystals and I will explain my favored method here now. I take my crystals to the sea and wash them in the tide (well away from out-pipes and storm water drains) followed by a THOROUGH wash with fresh water to remove as much salt from the crystal as possible.

If you do not live near the sea then any “clean” water outlet that you can wash the crystal in, such as an “un-polluted” stream or flowing tap water will do.

The glass bowls that you will make the elixirs in must be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised. An effective way of cleaning them is to use a CLEAN cloth and a paste of water and bicarbonate of soda and rub the paste on the entire inside and outside surfaces of the bowl. The bowl must then be THOROUGHLY rinsed with fresh water to remove all traces of the bicarbonate of soda.

The bowl must then be sterilized in hot water for around 10 minutes. Sterilising should be done in a big pot;
Place the bowl under boiling water for whatever time you feel is appropriate.

When I make my gem elixirs I strongly prefer to be out of the city in a rural area far from any radio or cell phone transmitters and overhead power lines. The ideal place is in a valley far from the “line of sight” of any of these. I have had great success making elixirs in such places and have been less successful in an urban environment where there is “electro smog” and radiation from various sources. There are methods of countering these things and I have had some level of success attempting to do this, but that won’t be discussed here.

To prepare an elixir by this full moon method, you place your gemstone or crystal into your glass bowl and pour over your distilled or spring water to completely cover the stone on the day of the full moon, first thing in the morning (preferably at sunrise).

Set the bowl on the ground and leave it all day in the sunshine and all night in the light of the full moon.

It is wise but not essential to cover the bowl with a small sheet of clear glass to keep bugs, leaves and dust from landing in your elixir.
The elixir is made after the water and crystal have spent all day in sunlight and all night under the full moon. At this point the water has become highly structured and is imprinted with the holographic vibrational frequencies of the stone used.

You now need to pour your mother elixir into a sterilised bottle and mix it 50/50 with the brandy to “fix it”. The brandy and water should be shaken about 100 times (according to homeopathic process) to finish the mother elixir. You will make your dose bottles from the mother elixir by filling your dropper bottles ¾ full with distilled water and placing about 7 drops of the mother elixir into it. Again shake very thoroughly to complete the “expansion” process. This is similar to how homeopathic remedies and flower essences are made.

I like to use a plastic spoon to drop about a teaspoonful of the mother elixir into a glass of water, give it a quick stir and then drink. If your elixir has been a success you may notice the water has an incredibly soft texture in your mouth and sometimes it feels like the water has absorbed into your body before it even makes it down to your stomach.

7 drops of the elixir from a dropper bottle placed into a glass of pure water is claimed to be ideal for taking the elixir medicinally, or if you need or want to take the elixir several times a day you can drop it directly under the tongue from the dropper.

You can use a quartz crystal elixir to energise water to give to your houseplants or spray onto your garden. Watch the magic that follows.

Crystal elixirs must be stored well away from RF and microwave radiation sources such as mobile phones, televisions, computers and especially microwave ovens. It is best to store them away from sunlight and fluorescent light sources such as a cool dark cupboard or drawer.

This is intended as a guide only and I encourage you to find out what works best for you, and to experiment with the method to see what results you might come up with. My golden rule is BREAK THE RULES! Use your heart and tap into the infinite source of knowledge available to you within yourself!

I hope you all have a go at this, it is magic that you can go and do easily and there is reward and benefit for those who do.