“Law of Attraction” and “The Secret” are elitist disinformation

(qbit.cc) Anyone who’s been involved in this patriot movement and independent journalism for a while has seen a lot of disinfo artists come and go over the years. We can all agree no one is going to achieve a well rounded and informed political view via the corporate media, but the Internet is also awash with corporate public relations and government psych warfare agents, propaganda sock puppets and the like, so discernment is absolutely essential to not be led down the wrong path.

Unfortunately there’s a big steaming piece of disinfo that I thought we put to bed which is making the rounds again, called the Law of Attraction. You may have seen the video called The Secret on YouTube, or read the book. I had a few friends send me links so I watched it and found it to be rife with faulty logic, but it goes far beyond just being incorrect. This time someone sent me an audio series called Your Wish is Your Command, which is The Secret dressed up in a more conspiratorial tone with some references to secret societies and elite agendas, but essentially the same idea.

The premise of the Law of Attraction is this: Whatever you think about in your mind will manifest itself in reality. We’re not just talking about the very real and profound effect a person’s mental attitude can have on their life, health, and others’ perception of them. This takes it several steps further into the realm of superstition, occultism, magic, and general hokus pokus. Thru some unexplained cosmic force, if you visualize things in your mind they will come true, and of course if you don’t visualize things this will cost you dearly, because you’re obviously not visualizing correctly. They apply this to any and all aspects of life, including seemingly random events. Don’t have a billion dollars? It’s cause you’re not visualizing it. Hair falling out? You must be visualizing baldness. Cancer? Your fault. Meteor fall out of the sky and crash into your house? You manifested that by your negative thinking.

I can’t stress enough the importance of having a positive attitude. Self-confidence and charisma go a long way in this world, and on the flip side of that, why should anyone trust you or want to work with you or be your friend, if you yourself don’t think you’re worth it? But let’s face it, attitude is not everything. The universe does not revolve around you. Someone born into poverty with a 75 IQ who suffered lead and mercury poisoning as a child is not going to be solving the world’s energy problems and become a billionaire tycoon, no matter how hard they visualize it. Forrest Gump is just a movie. If a bolt of lightning comes out of the sky and strikes you dead, it’s no more your own fault than it is God’s fault. The Law of Attraction is an elitist, superstitious blame-the-victim mentality that only a person who’s had their life handed to them on a silver platter could come up with.

One reason the elite have piles of money and power is because over generations, their families have set up a scam we call “fractional reserve banking” and leveraged this power to enslave the underclass. Class privilege is a self-perpetuating system, partly because children and families who do not receive proper care and nutrition suffer genetic damage which reduces their intellect, and their children’s intellect. It’s possible for someone to be an exception to this rule, but overall the system is set up to preserve class boundaries and it’s very difficult for a serf to rise to nobility. The highest priority of elite power is to preserve the power within their own families, which gives rise to institutionalized class warfare like eugenics and fractional reserve banking- both scientifically designed to preserve and concentrate power in the hands of the ruling class. While some small percentage of people can rise to wealth and power in this system from nothing, everyone can’t. It’s a numbers game. Not everyone can win the lottery.

This is the real secret, not some magical method of visualizing and mainfesting desires they use in their super-human elite brains. Their power exists because it was handed to them, not because they magically made it appear by knowing The Secret. You are enslaved by a financial system that was built specifically for this purpose, not merely because you see yourself as a slave.

So instead of blaming yourself for lack of visualization skills, visualize this: Work hard, discipline yourself, have a good attitude, and continue to fight for your freedom and your children’s freedom. Sitting there visualizing a billion dollars or a beautiful husband or wife is only a small part of manifesting those desires.

How to spot disinformation, or “The Seven Laws of Bullsh!t”

1- Anything that hypes itself up in long scrolling web pages, without getting right to the point is probably disinfo, or trying to sell you something.

2- Be skeptical of anyone who emphasizes the truthiness of their message over the actual content. Facts and logic speak for themselves.

3- Repetition is the most basic form of mind control. Repeating something over and over does not make it true.

4- If someone ridicules you right out of the gates for being skeptical, be even more skeptical. If an idea makes logical sense, there should be no need for insults and ridicule to get the point across.

5- Rat poison is 99% tasty food.

6- Experiments should be repeatable. Evidence is not evident unless you can see/hear/touch/read it yourself.

7- Journalism that fails to cite sources should be taken as a grain of salt.

SOURCE: http://qbit.cc/law-of-attraction-and-the-secret-are-elitist-disinformation/