Rupert Murdoch’s Sewer Press Sun Attack on Tony Farrell: How Low Can You Go?

By Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent –

Yesterday The Sun ‘newspaper’ in Britain carried a story related to the credible and easily proven revelations of Tony Farrell, a former senior police intelligence analyst, that the London Bombings of 7th July 2005 were orchestrated by elements within the UK government and NOT Muslim ‘terrorists’ as the perpetrators, the UK government would have us believe. This man, in every sense of the word, has put himself in great danger from the establishment to follow his moral conscience and code of ethics and deserves better than gutter condemnation form the gutter press of Rupert Murdoch’s cesspit of vice and corruption known as News International.

These so called ‘reporters’ turned up at Mr Farrell’s house to interview him and proceeded to produce the pathetic hit piece on his character in the article below.

This is of course typical of all mainstream media in relation to anything which comes close to revealing the establishment tyranny being imposed upon the British people and also further afield.

It should also be said that The Sun is another of Rupert Murdoch’s media rags which has no credibility whatsoever in terms of honesty or integrity and which I’m sure is involved in the same corrupt
practices as it’s incestuous, and now defunct former sister paper, the News of the World.

What we have here is an attempt by a mainstream media tabloid to put the genie back in the bottle in light of Mr. Farrell’s very credible and easily verifiable accusations against the same establishment of which Rupert Murdoch’s empire has now been shown to have been complicit in propping up and permanently propagating lies and deception on a grand scale.
This included pushing the case for illegal wars which have claimed the lives of millions of innocent men, women and children in the Middle East and now Libya.

What we have is the epitome of evil within the establishment. Some are scurrying like rats from a sinking ship attempting to expose the system and the media. However, in light of the extremely suspicious
death of News of the World ‘journalist’ Sean Hoare and the recent extremely suspicious death of Conservative flyer Christopher Shale in a Glastonbury toilet, it’s becoming blatantly obvious that speaking out has become a serious health hazard.

These hack ‘reporters’ must start to question themselves and their own conscience in light of the trash written in the article above and make some attempt to examine facts as laid out by Mr. Farrell in relation to the murder by the British government of 52 human beings in London on 7th July 2005.

Are these people so naïve to think that the fate of Christopher Shale or Sean Hoare won’t be repeated by others who seek to retrieve humanity from the brink of utter destruction at the hands of a small
group of elitists psychopaths who will stop at nothing to achieve their world system of totalitarian horror which they wish to inflict upon the world with Britain being the flagship for all of it?

Haven’t they noticed that we here are the most spied upon nation on the planet? I was in Duxford just over a week ago and say various WWI and WWII planes in the sky. The men who flew those planes in times of war fought to defend this country and its freedom from the tyranny now being brought to bear on their children grandchildren.

They would turn in their graves if they could witness what is going on in this country today under the guise of ‘democracy’ which they chose to give their lives to defend.

It’s a sad indictment on the world we find ourselves in today that I have to say THEY WERE DUPED!

The media in this country is in such a state of denial as to what’s really going on or it is either complicit in ensuring that what’s going on is kept hidden in the shadows until the time comes when they can hide it no more.

Well, have I got news for you! YOU HAVE BEEN RUMMBLED!

We are onto you and we will not stop exposing you for what you are; nothing but a deceitful cabal of liars and propagandists for the gang of criminals who ultimately seek to wipe out vast numbers of humanity.

Is this what you signed up for?

Do any of you have the moral fibre and courage to stand out from the crowd of prostitute scribblers of fantasy fiction or are you all whimpering cowards whose death is guaranteed by the very people you defend in your obnoxious and ludicrous diversionary column inches? If you have the courage contact us at: and we’ll gladly listen to what you have to say. We are the media with moral fibre and integrity and you can speak to us anonimously or openly. The choice is yours.

Unfortunately, with the recent and ultimately fatal exposure of criminality within Rupert Murdoch’s empire, Sean Hoare it appears has paid the ultimate price.

However, the only way for this tyranny to end is by mass exposure to the masses by the mass media en masse!

You who think you are immune from such tyranny have obviously lived in a world or lies and deception for far too long that you believe your own spurious nonsense. It is your only reality.

The British people and those millions being murdered across the planet in very lucrative and genocidal wars being fought in our name, under the guise of bringing ‘democracy’ to the world, through mass slaughter of innocent people, deserve better than a media controlled and manipulated by powerful vested interests.

For those who wish to indulge themselves in this fantasy world I fear for you all. You are meat on the table for the savage brutes who can mutilate, sexually abuse and slaughter children without a qualm or morsel of regret. You should be full to the brim with indignant outrage at the vicious acts of so called ‘pillars of society’. Do you think your children are safe from such creatures?

The alternative media is reporting such savagery, lies and corruption on a massive scale, so much so that you can’t hide behind the trivia and naked women littering your pages. You can’t hide when the knock on the door comes to your door when you’ve fulfilled your task of deception and are nothing more than a liability to those paymasters and pimps you ‘work’ for. You may simply have said the wriong thing to a colleague whom you thought you could trust. Do you trust your colleagues in light of recent suspicious deaths of people who have spoken out?

It’s time to stop snorting dubious substances up your tabloid and broadsheet snouts, get them out of the trough of easy money and limited liability and start looking at your own husbands, wives and children.

You or they could well be the next victims of the criminal cabal who were responsible for the atrocities of 7th July 2005 as they panic and stage another even more horrific false flag terror event.

Are you willing to take that risk?

It’s time to decide where your duty and loyalty lies. Is to yourself and your family or to a sick cabal whose lust for control and power has no limit and who will never desist from any actions, however
horrific and base, to achieve such a terrifying goal?

You must decide or face the obvious consequences of your actions when the public finally understand the role you have played in the ultimate destruction of everything they hold dear.

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