Film Festival - Poisoning Paradise

Received via email from Clyde Graf: Hi Battlers. Please consider clicking on the link below, and voting on Poisoning Paradise, in this on-line film festival. Make sure you click on the play button, and allow the film to play for a couple of minutes. Then log on to vote. It only takes a minute.

This increases exposure, and raises awareness in what's happening in this country of ours.. If you are pro 1080, then I suggest you DO NOT follow this request, and just stick to what the pro -1080 industry does every week in this country of ours - fills the media with propaganda.

Thanks to all those involved with donating to, and offering their testimonies, and making PP happen.


Please forward the link to other concerned people that you know. I have also attached a recent science paper that re-inforces what most of us know - the whole 1080 practice is ... nonsense!


Clyde Graf

Watch award winning Poisoning Paradise video clip here

Poisoning Paradise on IMDB

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