Vaccine Resistance Movement - Breaking News

- 4 babies in India die within minutes of receiving Measles shot
- US Govt: vaccination campaign to combat potentially ‘lethal’ Bird-Swine flu hybrid
- Japanese Gov’t covering up vaccine link to recent reported deaths
- Toxic Pneumococcal Vaccine ‘Prevenar’ protected by $1.5 billion blanket immunity
- Merck supplying “Medical Education content” to British Medical Journal & Lancet
- UK Vaccine policy now under Vaccine Industry control
- UK Meningitis vaccine program: 16,000 adverse reactions including 12 deaths
- Canadian Judge refuses to order vaccinations citing lack of jurisdictional authority
- Medical researchers demand Industry halt to Mercury containing vaccines
- Drive-through Anthrax vaccine roll-out drill planned for Arizona
- US: Vaccine damage claims awarded exceed $2 billion

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