Silver Spot Market Over $35 Per Ounce & the Colloidal Silver Connection

Ken Adachi (EDUCATE YOURSELF.ORG) I checked the spot market of silver this morning and it's over $35 per ounce. Silver had risen to $28-29 in mid-January, but has recently up surged again to over $35. I offer a colloidal silver generator with various sizes of pure (99.99%) silver wire electrodes on my Products page.

I had to adjust the donation amounts for silver electrodes in early January to meet the rising cost of silver wire, but I have NOT adjusted the silver electrodes amounts to keep pace with the latest increase. Therefore, if you were thinking about getting your own CS generator and perhaps extra silver electrodes, this would be a good time to do it.

From what I've read on the internet, Europeans can no longer buy colloidal silver in countries within the EU thanks to the wonderful Illuminated CODEX scheme. While Americans can still buy colloidal silver from a health food store (or the internet), it's INSANELY over-priced. It's much wiser to invest in your own CS generator and MAKE YOUR OWN CS at home for whatever it may costs you to buy distilled water from your local supermarket.

In my area, it costs about $3 for a 2.5 gallons of distilled water. Using my own CS generator, I can therefore produce 2.5 gallons of high quality colloidal silver for $3. YES, that's THREE DOLLARS for 2.5 gallons of colloidal silver. Compare that cost to the two ounces (2 oz) of CS which you buy in the health food store for $15 or $18. That works out to $8 per ounce

2.5 gallons x 128 = 320 fluid ounces divided into $3 = $0.009 cost per ounce of homemade colloidal silver. That's less than one cent per ounce for colloidal silver made at home.

Sometimes, investing in pure silver wire, despite the rising cost, is a good idea.

I hope the math isn't too complicated.

Ken Adachi