Ken Ring: The ethics of warning. EARTHQUAKE PREDICTIONS.

Earthquakes correlate with kingtides - they are a function of the kingtide in the land deep under the ground. The whole 2/3 of the planet that is beneath the Earth's surface has a moving egg-shaped bulge that, as the earth daily rotates, is always pointing to the moon, just as when a magnet is moved above a plate of iron filings and the area under the magnet is always more responsive. The perigee (day that the moon is closest to earth each month) is in control of the timing of the kingtide. Sometimes new moon accompanies perigee (as on 4 Sept 2010), sometimes full moon (22 Feb 2011), so king-tide occurs around these dates as well. before new year king-tide days were new moon-related. From February onwards full moon has accompanied perigee, so king-tides were full moon-related. It does not mean all full moons (or new moons) bring the biggest earthquakes. Perigee is also a factor.