Earthquakes And The Full Moon, A smoking gun?

Ken Rings' website Predict Weather predicted a large earthquake would happen in Christchurch around the 20th of February 2011.
Geonet are NZ's official earthquake experts. On their website
they have shown that the number of significant earthquakes (in brackets below) increased the most on the full moon day of 18 February. Here is their list: February 19th(3), 18th - Full Moon(9), 17th(1), 16th(1), 15th(5), 14th(0), 13th(0), 12th(0), 11th(1), 10th(3), 9th(2), 8th(1), 7th(2), 6th(1). We might also note that the Te Anau earthquake of 8 July 2009 was also on a full moon day.



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