(AUSTRALIA) Medical Journal Becomes The First In The World To Ban Drug Ads

An Australian medical journal has become one of the first in the world to ban drug company adverts, and it is calling on other journal editors to follow suit.

Emergency Medicine Australasia has taken a stand against pharmaceutical advertising, with Emeritus Editor Professor George Jelinek saying: “doctors need to stop being used as agents of the drug industry.”

In an editorial, Professor Jelinek argues that the marketing of drugs by the pharmaceutical industry is at odds with the mission of medical journals which should be to provide objective data.

“The duty of drug companies is to make profits for their shareholders, which is in conflict with the ethical duty of doctors to provide sound, unbiased advice for their patients”, he says.

“Doctors have a fiduciary relationship with their patients, and have an obligation to protect them from those who would use that relationship for profit.”

The editorial notes that many doctors and journal editors deny they are influenced by ads, and only a few journals such as PLoS Medicine have so far taken a stand.

“It is time to show leadership and make a stand ... we have therefore drawn a line in the sand, and have stopped all drug advertising forthwith. We invite other journals to show their support and follow suit."

SOURCE: http://www.6minutes.com.au/news/Medical-journal-first-to-shun-pharma-ads