NZers should consider 'digital legacy' in wills

New Zealanders should consider their online identity when compiling their will, the Law Society says.

People were storing ever-larger amounts of information online but seldom considered what would happen to it after they died, NZ Law Society's property law section chairman Chris Moore said.

"We would advise anyone who makes or reviews a will to consider what could be called their 'digital legacy'.

"When people die their relatives might want to be able to access information which has been stored online -- such as emails, photos or other documents. If the password or login details aren't known or accessible, this can be very difficult," he said.

While "digital legacy" was currently not a big issue it was likely to become more and more important, he said.
There had already been at least one court case overseas where relatives of a deceased person had sued an email provider to gain access to that person's account, he said.