Zeitgeist 3 Moving Forward, Film Review

Part 3 of the Zeitgeist documentary series has just been released and is currently screening around the world in a number of different languages.
The series of films until now has had a main focus on the corruption of the global banking system and in the first film a number of conspiracy theories such as 9/11 were discussed. The films are strongly anti religion and anti God which no doubt appeals to many and offends others.

What I see when I watch these films is some very good information mixed in with some really terrible disinformation, a few downright lies and a great deal of dismissal of certain issues that I believe are actually very important to the so called “truth movement” I was shocked to see and hear the third film completely dismiss the role of secret societies and secret cabals in creating and controlling many of the problems of this world. History shows that the role of secret societies in creating a New World Order is vast and not something to dismiss outright as unimportant and of no effect on the world as it is today.

Parts 2 and 3 of the films go into great deal of the plans and theories of the so called “Venus Project” to fundamentally change our global society into a heavy surveillance state where everything is tracked and monitored and people live in circular communist style automated cities that require very little manual labour to run and a global society that functions without money.

The films seem to blame money as a cause for much of what is wrong in this world. This idea is itself totally wrong. Money is not the problem, it is greed and the love of money that is evil and the way in which money is currently issued and controlled by private corporate banks as debt. There is such a thing as currency that is not debt based and there have been monetary systems throughout history that were positive for the societies who used them. The problem is that powerful private bankers have always worked to destroy these systems and replace them with their fractional reserve banking systems thereby enslaving millions in debt.
To learn more about money see this: http://www.themoneymasters.com/the-money-masters/

The films suggest the world’s energy crisis can be solved by wind, solar and geo-thermal energy. Absolutely no mention is made whatsoever of the many free energy devices that have been invented over the last century that, had they not been suppressed by the oil corporations and other parties (those secret societies that have no importance) would have revolutionised the whole entire world and set the human race free of dependence upon fossil fuels. How could you ignore and dismiss such an important part of the whole picture?

About 300 people turned out to watch this film at the screening I attended. We were told by the person presenting the film that we were part of a huge moment in history.
The whole vibe for me was cultist. The Zeitgeist movement has many of the hallmarks of a cult, and it is a global cult at that. The films contain much disinformation and glaring omissions. Some of the followers of these films seem to be quite fanatical about them and the plan for a global communist surveillance state to save the planet.

In short I am not saying don’t watch the films, I am simply saying they are load of bullshit.

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Jason B emailed to say: I agree totally with your review. I watched zeitgeist 2 again recently and yes i think its all a carefully controlled psyops as many other on the net have concluded. Yes and all the anti-god stuff really puts me off... i think its basically satanism dressed up as bullshit... even zeitgeist 1 was just a cut and paste from loose change, Freedom to fascism and other films, i mean it really was a cut and paste job, even the anti-god stuff was cut and pasted from Pharmacratic Inquisition... and the venus project does sound a lot like a NWO wet dream!
jas, feel free to post my comment with review

Leon C says:
I agree with the comments.
lol Venus Project does sound like hard core socialism NWO anti religion I have mix feelings, but anti god/creation does not feel right with me. like to also add movie had no comment on Spiritualism, connection to Earth/Source/Universe and Consciousness Change which I feel is the key.

Bradley R says:
I think most people "in the know" would agree with you bro.