Updates From Kiwi Radio Show Host & 9/11 Truth Activist, Will Ryan

The news updates at the bottom of the post were brought to us by twenty-six-year old New Zealand truth activist and radio show co-host, Will Ryan, who was responsible for organising Richard Gage’s Architecture of Destruction presentation and the 9/11 truth street action in Auckland last year, amongst other events.

The top issues currently facing New Zealanders show that our supposedly free country is on the track to tyranny he says, and the public on the whole, has put up little resistance. "That would have to be climate change, vaccines, food and water safety and the banking system - all of which are underpinned by the problem of big government. Not to mention the constant threat of staged terror attacks to legitimise the government's continual push for increased surveillance powers. All-in-all New Zealand is perfectly satisfying the current criterion for tyranny with our expanded S[earch] and S[urveillance] Bill and insane ETS climate tax," said Ryan.

"Our laid back attitudes do not lend themselves to facts, but rather to feel-good UN and Barack Obama-style propaganda - sad really," offers the Waiheke-Islander, who has been known to shout in the direction of the TVNZ building through a bullhorn in protest at the lies they have aired about 9/11 before. He is hoping fellow New Zealanders will take a more active role in their political scene and demand more of their media, as he does.

If you want to hear more from Will Ryan, tune into the Vinnie Eastwood show on American Freedom Radio from 7 am - 9 am NZT time [1] and check out his YouTube channel - Infowarsnz.

In the not-too-distant future, the radio show will be airing from 12 pm - 2 pm NZT instead, allowing Eastwood and Ryan to simulcast to New Zealand affiliates, once they are secured, offers Ryan.

If anyone can assist with this venture, please contact him at nz911truth@hotmail.com. He is looking for help to get pivotal subjects which are being dealt with by the alternative media at websites like Infowars.com on TV or radio in New Zealand. "We need to get these subjects in the mainstream media. I have plenty of ideas and strategies - we just need the money and contacts to back some true grass-roots activism, that most of the world is crying out for and only a few so far are doing," he said.

[1] http://www.americanfreedomradio.com/Vinny_Eastwood_10.html

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