More Scientific Evidence for Zappers (Electromedicine)

My mate Georg Ritschl at just sent me this selection of articles about using electricity against various forms of disease.

The effects of low-level direct current therapy on a preclinical mammary carcinoma: tumour regression and systemic biochemical sequelae.

Low-level direct electrical current therapy for hepatic metastases. I.
Preclinical studies on normal liver.

Effect of Low Level Direct Current on in Vivo Tumor Growth in Hamsters1

A Multicenter Study on the Use of Pulsed Low-Intensity Direct Current for Healing Chronic Stage II and Stage III Decubitus Ulcers

Effects of Varying Potential and Electrolytic Dosage in Direct Current Treatment of Tumors

Experimental low-level direct current therapy in liver metastases:
influence of polarity and current dose

Electric treatment of human melanoma skin lesions with low level direct electric current: an assessment of clinical experience following a preliminary study in five patients.

Tumor treatment by direct electric current-tumor temperature and pH, electrode material and configuration

Inhibition of SA-1 tumor growth in mice by human leukocyte interferon alpha combined with low-level direct current.

Host's immune response in electrotherapy of murine tumors by direct current

Ablation of neoplasia by direct current.