NZ911Truth's Call For A New Investigation Into 9/11 On Parliament Grounds – 9 September 2010

Despite the grey weather, six supporters of a new investigation into the events of 9/11 gathered outside the speakers statue at Parliament Grounds in Wellington at 11.00 am. The AE911 truth media alert was sent out earlier in the week to all major news, print, and TV media stating that now over 1270 Architects/Engineers will Reveal Hard Evidence of explosive demolition at the world trade centre on 9/11 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The independent website Scoop picked this story up and posted it under the Culture section on Wednesday, with it quickly becoming the most viewed story there.   See link

Unfortunately no other reporters contacted us to receive our information. Sue Kedgley, Green MP, who supports a new independent investigation was invited to receive our petition but was unable to meet us due to select committee duties. All Green Mps were invited but sadly were also too busy to meet us. We plan to deliver again to all 120 MPs the press release and ae911truth petition signatories including the now 71 New Zealand signatories. At 11.00 am, the Wellington Cenotaph bells chimed and Phillip Rose proceeded to read the press statement.

Despite the lack of media, and the lack of people inside the grounds, we did reach the members of parliamentary security present and those public walking through parliament. Afterwards a parliamentary staff member came out to see us and took some information. We were honored to be involved with AE911Truth's second press conference. We felt we were part of the first global simultaneous 9/11 truth actions scheduled in 60 states in the US and 5 countries around the world. It is disappointing that the New Zealand main stream media continues to ignore to report on the forensic and scientific evidence available and the growing calls from citizens worldwide to re-investigate the events of 9/11. We will continue to work hard to get the information in the public arena and remind the media of their responsibility.