Truth Frequency Radio: The Holy Mushroom, The Pharmacratic Inquistion & The Trivium Method with Jan Irvin – 08/22/10
This is well worth listening to - it covers a wide variety of issues that will be of interest to most people - CS.

We are pleased to welcome J.R Irvin, the author of The Holy Mushroom: Evidence of Mushrooms in Judeo- Christianity. A critical re-evaluation of the schism between John M. Allegro and R. Gordon Wasson over the theory on the entheogenic origins of Christianity presented in The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross.

JR. Irvin is the film maker behind the amazing film, The Pharmacratic Inquisition which exposes the links between psycho-actives and religion – the very same links the church authorities have gone to incredible lengths to hide.

We’ll also be discussing critical thinking and the trivium method. Just what is critical thinking? Do you have it? You may be surprised.

And joining us last minute is Paranoid of Ghosts Of The Republic to share some fascinating information about common law, Admiralty jurisdiction and legalize.
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