Aerosols Sprayed From Aircraft Seen Forming Cloud-Like Material Over Whangarei On July 30

There was a rather obvious chemtrail seen over Whangarei yesterday afternoon, which was filmed over a period of about half-an-hour. It was seen turning into cloud-like material.

It was not on a passenger plane route. It appeared to run about parallel with Maunu Road and went over the Parahaki monument. It also had a significant bend in it at the Woodhill area, indicating that it was unlikely to be from commercial traffic.
See the video of it here:

To learn more about chemtrailing, which is also referred to as "geo-engineering," listen to this recent interview with Michael Murphy and G Edward Griffin, who are in the final stages of making a documentary about the topic titled 'What In The World Are They Spraying?' To download the podcast please link here:


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