New Video: Geo-engineering & Those Toxic Chemtrails - Even in Northland

This was made in Whangarei in late-March, where aerosol operations are occurring frequently, so much so that it feels like a war zone.

All the video footage included in this was shot in Whangarei or nearby Whangarei, including those photos of the aerosols being sprayed, which were caught on camera on March 21 from north Whananaki.

While many in New Zealand hold on to the naive and misguided notion that the country will not fall victim to the globalists’ agendas, as if it is somehow on another planet to the rest of the world, what is shown in this video shows that they need to wake up! Even remote areas of New Zealand do not appear to be immune to the toxic and destructive geo-engineering program of the psychopathic New World Order.
Watch the video here: