Eyewitness Report: Aerosol Spraying Seen Occurring Over A Populated Area In The Bay of Islands Twice In January

Michael Kriz, a 59-year old ex-US military veteran, who has studied the issue of chemtrails for some time, said he saw a "silver" plane, that "was not a commercial aircraft," spraying an aerosol over a populated area on January the 26th at 11:10am in the Bay of Islands. He said he also saw it occurring in the same area at the beginning of the year, but could not recollect the date of this earlier aerosol activity.
Kriz wrote in an e-mail to chemtrailsnz @ hotmail.com on the 30th of January, 2010: "The start-stop pattern of the spraying definitely was not a contrail! The trail evolved over the next hour to a wide, hazy cloud consistent with others I have observed...I am fully aware of the difference between contrails and aerosol spraying!"
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