REPORT: Sign On Climate Change Counter Protest

Saturday, December the 5th, 2009 saw close to 2000 people march on parliament in Wellington, New Zealand to support the Prime Minister, John Key flying to Copenhagen to sign our country over to the New World Order and a fascist global dictatorship, even though the revelations of Climategate have proven that "man-made global warming" is an audacious fraud, [1].

A small number of people showed up in support of democracy and freedom and to stand against the fascist environmentalists. Armed with anti-New World Order /Man Made Global Warming signs, we stood among the pro-fascist crowd in Civic Square and marched with them down to parliament.

The general vibe from the majority of the crowd towards us was hostile. I lost count of how many filthy looks we received for exercising our democratic right to free speech and to disagree with global governance. A large number of people approached us and verbally attacked us with a variety of slurs and abusive words. We were told many times to "Fuck off." This type of person who turns up to these climate change events seems generally to be against democracy and freedom of speech, which is of little surprise when you see what it really is that they are calling for and promoting.

It really did feel like what we imagined Nazi Germany felt like when the fascist government took power there just before World War II. To be fair, a couple of people among the protesters for fascism rebuked some of their peers calling for us to be silenced, and informed them that New Zealand is still a democracy and that we had every right to be there.

One of the counter protesters was assaulted twice, once with a projectile that was thrown at his chest along Lambton Quay on the way to parliament and then on the grounds of parliament he was forced to wrestle with a woman who tried to remove his "MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING IS BULLSH*T" sign. Another woman suggested loudly that our signs should be forcefully taken from us and we should be hit over the head with them and numerous people were photographing us, one of which was very persistent and insisted on getting clear shots of our faces. Another woman informed us that the science no longer mattered and was irrelevant.

Surprisingly, a good number of people among the general public watching proceedings down Lambton Quay stepped forward to support us in our counter-protest, suggesting that all is not yet lost. It should also be noted that the Police at the head of the march saw our signs and made a point of letting us know they were really pleased to see us amongst it all standing against the fascists, we will take any and all supporters I guess, even cops =)
The last highlight of the day was seeing our small counter protest make it onto the 6pm news on TV1.

An unknown Maori Warrior/Hero confronts the pro fascist crowds outside parliament


[1]. Climategate: Caught Green-handed by Lord Christopher Monckton