Richard Gage Of AE911Truth Given Fair Go On TVNZ’s Close Up

On Friday the 27th of November, Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth, had another major breakthrough in the mainstream media in New Zealand, and it was his biggest one yet. He had a six minute interview on TV ONE's Close Up, which is New Zealand's most popular daily current affairs programme.

Unlike his controversial interview with Kim Hill of Radio NZ of the 21st of November, Mike Hosking, to his credit, treated the topic of 9/11 with impartiality. He did not attempt to paint Gage as a "conspiracy theorist," nor did he engage in obfuscation, as Hill had done.

In the first half of this interview, Close Up focused primarily on the biggest smoking gun of 9/11 – Building 7’s collapse and a number of clips that showed how quickly and smoothly it fell, were shown. Building 7 was the 47-storey steel-framed building, that was not hit by a plane, yet it fell in the manner of a controlled demolition at 5.20pm on 9/11. As Gage points out, important evidence related to the collapse was not addressed by the official investigation carried out by NIST, including that nanothermite, a highly advanced explosive, was found in large amounts in the WTC dust. NIST also failed to address evidence of prior knowledge of Building 7’s collapse, including why the BBC and CNN had reported it had collapsed, before it actually fell, and that firefighters on the scene were heard saying, “Keep your eye on that building, it’ll be coming down soon.”

In the second half of the interview, they discussed issues related to the collapse of the Twin Towers, as well as WTC 7. Hosking questioned the likelihood that explosives could be planted without anyone noticing and Gage referred the fact that a company had been refurbishing the elevator shafts, enabling its workers to have full access to the columns to prepare the buildings for demolition. (Kevin R. Ryan has written about who had demolition access to the WTC, in articles that can be found here:

Says Gage, Architects and Engineers For 911 Truth is calling for a new investigation that will incorporate all the evidence the official so-called investigation had failed to address.
The 6 minute interview:

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