Revolutionary rapper talks 9/11 conspiracy

American rapper and political activist “Immortal Technique” doesn’t sign multi-million contracts with famous record-labels. Instead, he goes to North Africa, Columbia and Afghanistan trying to help people.
“I was born a revolutionary and will be that till the day that I die,” he says.

The rapper thinks 9/11 was “a crime with a motive” and that the government’s version about 9/11 is “definitely not true”, saying: “They could not even tell the truth about the air to breathe after that occurred. They said that it was safe, but when the people developed those respiratory illnesses, and a lot of the first responders got very sick, some of them died, they went into full deniability mode. Somebody who cannot even tell me the truth about the air I breathe, it really makes me question what else they said. When I talk about it having a motive, I think that it was used as a catalyst to justify several other actions, or a countless number of actions actually.”