Three Strikes and YOUR OUT!

With the arrival of a hard right, conservative government forming in New Zealand, the idea of the 3 strikes law is somewhat disturbing, especially when considered with the private prisons the ACT party wants to implement, we only need to look at (aptly named) Wackenhut to see that private prisons are far from being a wise idea.

The incentive to create private profit from those we imprison fits the definition of slavery pretty well. If society wishes to lock people up, society should look after them where there is public accountability and oversight, a quote from Nelson Mandela comes to mind: “No one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.”

As it stands we need better public scrutiny of both our police and prisons.

So, you get caught smoking weed 3 times? Are you locked up for 25 years? With the ultra anti-fun Peter Dunne being part of the government, who knows what will happen if he gets his way.

It is high time victim-less crimes were removed from the books, if you have not injured another member of your community through your actions, then there us surely nothing to answer for, why do we lock people up for growing a plant and using it for their own personal religious, philosophical or recreational purposes ?

3 strikes, your out + private prisons + anti-fun-guy+banksta sounds like New Zealand could be in for a rough time.

Maybe... Just maybe the Maori party will prevail in bringing some sensible middle ground to some of the more insane hard right policies we see coming from Act and United Future.

Who knows maybe National will surprise me and a level headed centrist government will prevail, only time will tell, lets just hope we have not elected our own George Bush.

The Key to our freedom is to ACT now, if we Hide our heads in the sand we all get Dunne over :)