(NZ) Taupo District Council Bans 1080 Poison

UnitedFuture Leader Peter Dunne has applauded Taupo District Council’s decision to abolish all aerial 1080 operations within its area of jurisdiction.

A motion was passed:
1. To develop a sustainable alternative possum eradication and trapping program.
2. Abolish all aerial dropping of 1080 poison forthwith.

“Taupo District Council has made a far-sighted and courageous decision,” said Mr Dunne. “It is particularly pleasing to see a local authority respond to the concerns of its community and take a stand against the cruel and indiscriminate practice of aerially applying 1080 poison.”

“I congratulate not only the councillors for reaching this decision but also the opponents of aerial 1080, particularly Clyde and Steve Graf, and the NZ Wildlands Biodiversity Management Society, who were instrumental in getting this result.”

Taupo joins Westland District Council in opposing aerial 1080 use.

“Taupo and Westland are great success stories, yet the fight against aerial 1080 goes on around the rest of New Zealand.”

“I hope the result in Taupo will prompt other communities to consider their stance on aerial poisoning programs.”

“For too long DoC, the Animal Health Board and regional councils have leaned on aerial 1080 as their primary means of pest control. Finally the tide is turning and those organisations will be forced to consider alternative methods of pest control, a scenario that is long-overdue,” said Mr Dunne.

Taupo Council's Anti-Aerial 1080 Stand Applauded: Press Release: NZWBMS Wednesday 1st October 2009

A decision by the Taupo District Council to advocate to central government and other appropriate agencies the abolition of aerial spreading of 1080 poison has been praised by a national conservation organisation. The council also moved to advocate for development of a sustainable alternative possum eradication program.

Graham Sperry of Reporoa, chairman of The New Zealand Wildlands BioDiversity Management Society (WBM) applauded the move saying it represented a huge step in bringing commonsense to the 1080 issue and "the beginning of an end to the ecological damage toxins were causing."

The Taupo District Council yesterday held a "resumed special purpose ordinary meeting at which a majority vote supported the development of a sustainable alternative possum eradication and trapping programme and called for the immediate abolition of all aerial dropping of 1080 poison.

Mr Sperry said the Taupo District Council's decision followed a similar decision by council on the West Coast.

He expressed optimism that other Councils would follow the example set by Taupo and the West Coast.

"The Taupo stand is a significant win for the considerable and growing public concern about and opposition to the indiscriminate haphazard scattering of toxins such as 1080 and is a brave stand by Taupo Mayor Rick Cooper and his supporting Councillors," said Mr Sperry.

WBM had been a strong advocate and had made factual submissions on the 1080 The result reflected the strong research and teamwork and WBM society's ability to coordinate action in an effective way complemented by strong support from others said Mr Sperry.