Is the NZ Ministry of Health Lying about the H1N1 Vaccine?

The following exchange between the NZ Ministry of Health and Jane Burgermeister
strongly suggests that The Hon Mr Tony Ryall has been factually incorrect in the
most serious way possible in his answers to questions about the H1N1 vaccine.
Moreover, he might well have lied about circumstances surrounding the NZ govt's
purchase of the vaccine from Baxter International, the company that contaminated the
Seasonal Flu Vaccine with LIVE BIRD FLU VIRUS.

Please give this your urgent attention. We believe that there is no issue more
serious than that of toxic vaccines being injected into the people of this country,
and the UNTESTED, TOXIC (Mercury, Squalene, Polysorbate 80, etc) H1N1 vaccines must
never be permitted to be administered to New Zealanders.

Around half of all doctors, nurses and other health professionals worldwide are now
refusing to get vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccines. They KNOW it's neither safe nor

It's time New Zealanders woke up to this potentially LETHAL scam.

Jon Eisen, Editor, UNCENSORED
Katherine Smith, Associate Editor, UNCENSORED

Jane Burgermeister Confronts Tony Ryall

Ed Note: Jane Burgermeister ( is the investigative reporter who
blew the whistle on Baxter International, the vaccine manufacturer who contaminated
72 kgs of Seasonal Flu Vaccine with LIVE BIRD FLU VIRUS,thus nearly sparking a
worldwide LETHAL pandemic early in 2009. New Zealandhas ordered 300,000 doses of
Baxter's H1N1 vaccine.

Tony Ryall is the NZ Minister of Health who has served on the Executive Board of the
WHO since 2007.

Dear Tony Ryall,

I am writing to you concerning claims made in an email by Dr Janice Wilson from the
New Zealand Ministry of Health that your ministry has carried out an investigation
into Baxter’s contamination of 72 kilos of vaccine material with the live bird flu
virus -- supplied by WHO -- in February in Austria, so nearly sparking a global bird
flu pandemic.

Dr Wilson wrote an email in response to a query on the incident.

„The Ministry has investigated allegations that Baxter Healthcare Limited supplied
H5N1 contaminated seasonal influenza vaccine, and is satisfied that this allegation
is not true."

But how can the Ministry claim to have investigated the allegation and found it not
true when Baxter itself admitted that it manufactured and distributed live bird flu
contaminated seasonal influenza vaccine as confirmed by media reports around the

To quote just a few reports:

“Baxter Sent Bird Flu Virus to European Labs by Error (Update2),” Bloomberg report,
Febuary 24th.

”Officials investigate how bird flu viruses were sent to unsuspecting labs,”
Canadian Press report, Febuary 25th, 2009.

„Virus mix-up by lab could have resulted in pandemic.“ the Times of India, March
6th, 2009.

“Pharmakonzerns Baxter, hat vor einigen Wochen mehrere mit dem Grippevirus
kontaminierte Impfproben an Labors im In- und Ausland verschickt. Wie sich jedoch
herausstellte, haben die für wissenschaftliche Tests vorgesehenen Proben
versehentlich das gefährliche Vogelgrippevirus H5N1 beinhaltet. Die Panne fiel
zuerst im tschechischen Labor BioTest in Konarovice auf, wo es zum unerwarteten
Sterben von Frettchen kam, an denen der Impfstoff aus Österreich getestet wurde.
Eine Untersuchung brachte die Diagnose: Vogelgrippe,“Nach Berichten tschechischer
Medien wurden ähnliche Tests auch in Slowenien, Deutschland und Österreich
durchgeführt - mit dem gleichen Ergebnis,“ von Aureliusz M. Pedziwol.

„We intended to send a pure virus of common flu for testing to the Czech Biotest; by
accident, we sent the bird flue virus. The experimental material got mixed up,” said
Baxter spokesperson Richard Tischler.

Specific process that was used during the production of this testing material will
be never used again, he said, but without giving any details of what the specific
processes were or how the use of those specific processes would be discontinued.”

In einem Interview mit am März spricht Frau Jutta Brenn-Vogt (Manager
Communications Baxter Deutschland) von einer einmaligen Kombination von Prozessen,
technischen und menschlichen Fehlern als Ursache für den Vorfall.
"The root cause of the incident has been identified. It was due to a unique
combination of process, technical and human error in a procedure used for this
specific research project in our facility in Austria (Orth)."

“Cross-contamination of commercial product, clinical material or other experimental
material has been absolutely excluded. The public health authorities in
Austriaperformed an audit at Baxter's research facility in Austria(Feb. 16) and
Baxter's corrective and preventative actions were found appropriate by the auditors.
The contamination occurred only during the process for this specific research
project for AVIR Greenhills in Baxter's facility. Further details about the process
will not be discussed as it is proprietary information.

The company has cited propreitary information as the reasonw hy it refuses to
divulge details of the way that the contaminated material could have been produced
in ist biosafety level 3 laboratories where commeercial vaccine production and
clinical and experimental trials presumably take place under high biosecurity
conditions to prevent just such a cross contamination. Can we accept this level of
secrecy and this superficial investigation which seemed to just rubber stamp what
Baxter had done when the contaminted virus posed a real threat to the health of the
general public? Will the contamination in Europelead to management changes in your
company? Brenn-Vogt: No.“

In addition to these media reports, the Austrian Health Minister Alois Stöger
answered parliamentary questions on the contamination of seasonal flu material with
the live bird flu virus by Baxter, further underlining that the contamination is not
an allegation as Dr Janice Wilson claims but proven fact.

See parliamentary questions of Dr. Dagmar Belakowitsch-Jenewein:

And the parliamentary answers of Alois Stöger, Health Minister:

In answering question 14 and 15, the Health Minister Stöger admitted that 72 kilos
of material was contaminated with the live bird flu virus by Baxter.

„The material meant for research purposes – 72 kilos were to be viewed as
contaminated – were returned to the company and destroyed under controlled
conditions.“(Das für Forschungszwecke bestimmtes Material - 72 kg waren als
kontaminiert anzusehen - wurde in die Firma zurück geholt und kontrolliert

However, in another set of parliamentary answers, the Health Minister said that the
contaminated material was either destroyed or returned to the manufacturer, Baxter.

That Baxter's subsidiary in Austriacontaminated 72 kilos of vaccine material with
the live bird flu virus and then sent it to 16 labs under a false label is,
therefore, a verifiable, unambiguous fact, also stated by the Austrian Health
Minister in official parliamentary documents.

The Health Minister has given parliamentary answers that are full of contradictions.

For example, in an answer from May 20th, 2009to the question: „What is the reason
why no information has reached the public yet?“, Alois Stöger said “There was and is
no reason to inform the general public about the contamination with the bird flu
virus (Influenza A/H5N1) of a material produced for research purposes. There was no
danger for the general public.”

But how can the Health Minister claim that there was no danger to the general public
when 18 people in Viennawere treated preventatively for the bird flu in hospital and
the incident nearly triggered a global bird flu pandemi according to experts and the

A press release from 11 February, 2008, issued by the City of Viennasaid that 18
people had had to be treated preventatively for bird flu in the Otto Wagner Spital.

„Wien (OTS) - Am vergangenen Montag [Februar 9th] wurden im Wiener
Otto-Wagner-Spital 18 MitarbeiterInnen eines externen Unternehmens
ambulant behandelt, da vorerst nicht ausgeschlossen werden konnte,
dass sie im Rahmen ihrer Arbeit mit einem Vogelgrippe-Erreger in
Kontakt gekommen seien. Bei keinem der umfassenden Tests wurde eine
Infektion festgestellt.****

Darüber hinaus wurden die PatientInnen umgehend mit einer
Grippe-Vorsorge behandelt. "Weder für die Patientinnen und Patienten
noch für Personen, die mit ihnen in Kontakt waren, bestand eine
Gefährdung. Selbstverständlich haben wir aber alle zuständigen
Behörden informiert", erklärte Susanne Drapalik von der
Generaldirektion der Spitäler der Stadt Wien.“

Underlining the danger, the company Panasonic ordered Japanese employees in some
foreign countries to send their families home to Japanbecause of fears of a bird flu
pandemic that same day as an AP press release shows.

“Panasonic to fly home workers' families over bird flu fears
Feb 9, 2009

TOKYO (AFP) — Panasonic Corp. has ordered Japanese employees in some foreign
countries to send their families home to Japan in preparation for a possible bird
flu pandemic, a spokesman said Tuesday.”
The firm decided to take the rare measure "well ahead of possible confusion at the
outbreak of a global pandemic," he said.
"The bird flu cases reported so far are infections from bird to human, but once an
infection between human beings is reported, things can get chaotic with many other
companies trying to bring back their employees," Kadota said.
"We wanted to take action early before it gets difficult to book flight tickets," he

It is, therefore, a verifiable fact, too, that people had to be treated
prevenatively for bird flu in Austria and also in the Czech Republic as a result of
coming in contact with this contaminated material and that Panasonic was planning
emergency measures to bring its employees back to Japan, underlining that it posed a
threat to the general public and to human beings.

It is a fact that a global bird flu pandemic was nearly sparked by Baxter in the
opinion of experts and the media such as the Times of India.

The only issue is whether the contamination of the seasonal flu material was
deliberate or not.

Because biosafetly level 3 regulations apply when handling the bird flu virus under
the European Directive 90/679/EWG on the protection of workers from risks related to
exposure to biological agents at work, the contamination must have been deliberate.

The EU directive 90/679/EWG classifies biological agents in four groups according to
how dangerous they are for people who work with them and requries appropriate
working conditions meeting four different criteria:

Article 2 makes this clear:

Article 2
For the purpose of this Directive:
(a) ‘biological agents’ shall mean micro-organisms, including
those which have been genetically modified, cell cultures
and human endoparasites, which may be able to provoke
any infection, allergy or toxicity;
(b) ‘micro-organism’ shall mean a microbiological entity,
cellular or non-cellular, capable of replication or of transferring
genetic material;
(c) ‘cell culture’ shall mean the in-vitro growth of cells derived
from multicellular organisms.
‘Biological agents’ shall be classified into four risk groups,
according to their level of risk of infection:
1. group 1 biological agent means one that is unlikely to cause
human disease:
2. group 2 biological agent means one that can cause human
disease and might be a hazard to workers; it is unlikely to
spread to the community; there is usually effective prophylaxis
or treatment available;
3. group 3 biological agent means one that can cause severe
human disease and present a serious hazard to workers; it
may present a risk of spreading to the community, but there
is usually effective prophylaxis or treatment available;
4. group 4 biological agent means one that causes severe
human disease and is a serious hazard to workers; it may
present a high risk of spreading to the community; there is
usually no effective prophylaxis or treatment available.“

The bird flu virus has a 60 per cent mortality rate and is, therefore, classified as
a group 3 biological agentthat can cause severehuman disease and present a serious
hazard to workers.

In addition, when it is mixed with the seasonal flu as happened with Baxter, it
becomes highly transmissbale andpresents a risk of spreading to the community.

Baxter has to use biosafety level 3 or 4 regulations when handling the bird flu
virus according to the law and Baxter has itself stated it adheres to these
biosafety level 3 regulations.

Biosafety level 3 agents such as the bird flu virus require labs with double door
entries, biosafety cabinets for all technical manipulations etc.

More details on the kind of special safety features of biosafety level 3 labs can be
found here, for example:

At Biosafety Level 3 (BL 3), facility design plays a significant role in safety. BL
3 activity involves organisms or systems which pose a significant risk or represent
a potentially serious threat to health and safety of workers. Such facilities
include special engineering design features and containment equipment. These
facilities are usually separated from the general traffic flow by controlled access
corridors, air locks, locker rooms, or other doubledoor entries. Biosafety cabinets
are required for all technical manipulations that involve viable cultures (no work
is allowed on an open bench). The surfaces of all walls, floors and ceilings are
sealed and, therefore, impervious to liquids that may spill onto them. This means
that all penetrations (telephone, lights, plumbed lines for gas, vacuum, electrical
lines, electrical switches, etc.) are caulked, collared or sealed to prevent leaks.
The collars and seals are also made of material which
can be cleaned.
The ventilation system in the Risk Group 3 facility is designed to exhaust more air
than is supplied, resulting in a directional airflow from the outer corridors, which
are regarded as clean, into the laboratory which is regarded as contaminated. The
air is discharged to the outdoors and not recirculated to other parts of the
building without appropriate filtration treatment.
This laboratory design is suitable for experiments involving:
· Recombinant DNA molecules requiring physical containment at the Risk Group 3
level including animal studies with BL 3 and some BL 2 agents.
· Microorganisms of moderate biohazards potential such as those in Risk Group 3
or BL 3.
· Oncogenic viruses that have human cells in their host range.
· The production of large volumes or high concentrations of certain Risk Group 2
and all Risk Group microorganisms or viral infected cells (where the virus is
infectious for man and requires BL 3 containment).
· Production activity which involves Risk Group 3 and some Risk Group organisms.“

There is, therefore, overwhelming evidence that Baxter deliberately contaminated the
72 kilos of seasonal flu with the live bird flu virus supplied by WHO in its
biosafely level 3 lab in Orth an der Donau to create a bioweapon that was
transmissible and deadly.

This overwhelming evidence was the reason why the Viennastate prosecutor launched an
investigation after I filed criminal charges against Baxter and Avir on April 8th.

I filed another set of criminal charges against the Austrian Health Minister for his
role in a cover up in June.

Question for Tony Ryall: Have you been in contact with the Austrian police
concerning the Baxter investigation? When? With whom? Please give details to
substantiate the claim that you have undertaken a proper investigation.

You say; „This investigation found that a batch of virus produced by Baxter
Healthcare Limited for research purposes, but not for use in humans, had been
contaminated with influenza H5N1. „

What investigaiton are you referring? There was only a prefunctory investigation by
a veterinary surgeon and a representative from the department of human medicine
belonging to the Austrian Health Ministry that resulted in no action as the Austrian
Health Minister himself stated.

No official from New Zealandhas ever contacted me concerning my criminal charges.

The Health Minister Stöger said that veterinary rules would be tightened only as a
result of this incident. However, veterinary rules do not apply in these case.
Biosafetly level 3 rules apply, and there was no mention of these biosafetly level 3
rules being tightened.

In addition, the fact is that the 72 kilos of contaminated material resulted in 36
people having to be treated preventatively for the bird flu, and could have sparked
a pandemic.

To classify it as „research material“ is an inviduous classification. Whether
material for research or not for research is irrelevant in as far as it almost
sparked a pandemic and harmed human beings.

There are credible reports from the Czech lab BioTest that they received the
material under the label "seasonal flu" - not research material. Have you
investigated those claims?

The unambiguous, verifiable fact is Baxter manufactured and spread contaminated
material and nearly triggered a global bird flu pandemic among humans – and it did
it deliberately.

Baxter itself said the live bird flu virus was supplied by WHO, implicating the very
organisation that you, Tony Ryall, are associated with as a member of WHO's
executive board.

„The batch of virus concerned was not required to be produced under conditions
required for the manufacture of products used in humans,“ Dr Janice Wilson says.

However, all material using the bird flu virus MUST be handled under biosafety level
3 regulations irrespective of its alleged end purpose.

Biosafely level 3 regulations means the virus cannot be mixed with any other
material or leave a facility irradiated irrespective of whether it is designated for
human use or not.

Furthermore, any such material must leave the facilities irradiated and with correct
labelling. This did not happen.

„Remedial action has been instituted in conjunction with international regulators,
to prevent any future event of this nature,“ says Dr Janice Wilson.

What remedial action? The Austrian Health Minister said he has tightened veterinary
laws but, as mentioned before, this was not a violation against the vetinary code.
It was a violation against biosafety level 3 regulations.

There was no mention of any contact with international regulators by the Austrian
Health Minister in his parliamentary answers. What information do you have on this
that the Austrian parliament does not?“

„The Ministry is therefore satisfied that this incident does not suggest any risk
may be posed by a Baxter pandemic, or seasonal vaccine,“ says Dr Janice Wilson.

How can the NZ Ministry conclude there is no risk to the people of New Zealandfrom
Baxter vaccines when Baxter is being investigated by the Austrian police for
criminal intent in manufacturing 72 kils of seasonal flu material contaminated with
the bird flu virus when biosafety level 3 regulations apply? When no credible
investigation has taken place?

Why did the Ministry not ask questions about why Baxter patented a vaccine to the
H1N1 virus in 2008 long before the so called new virus appeared in April in Mexico
Citynot far from Baxter’s lab?

„In April and May 2009, after H1N1 pandemic influenza developed, the question of a
second supply was visited. The Ministry contacted a number of vaccine providers
for a review of their products and anticipated delivery schedules. Baxter
Healthcare Limited again emerged as the preferred provider and it was decided that
the Ministry would enter into a contract with Baxter Healthcare Limited,“ says Dr
Janice Wilson.

On what basis was Baxter selected as the preferred provider in view of its poor
safety record not just with the incident in Austriabut also in France?

Please give the reasons why Baxter was chosen.

What do you say to the fact that the „swine flu“ vaccine will not be tested for
safety or effectiveness before it is released into the general public according to
the EU regulators own documents?

Why are adjuvants, which have not been tested for safety on pregnant women and
children, to be given to pregnant women and children?

What do you say to the huge body of evidence linking squalene to the Gulf War
Syndrome, suffered by 25 per cent of US soldiers given the anthrax vaccine with
adjuvants and in doses a million times smaller than those planned for the „swine

What do you say to the fact that the 1976 US „swine flu“ mass vaccination programme
had to be abandoned because it proved so dangerous?

What do you say to two WHO memos dating from 1972 which prove the intentional
creation of the killer technology used in the swine flu vaccine by switching off the
immune system, loading the body with virus and then switching on the immune system
with an adjuvant to create a cytokine storm?

Another important document is the 7/16/09article published in the New England
Journal of Medicine entitled „The Persistent Legacy of the 1918 Influenza Virus".
In this article it is stated that "one of the viruses (in the present H1N1 strain)
is a derivative of the 1918 Virus".

One of the authors is Jeffrey Taubenberger, who is interviewed in the documentary
"Killer Flu" which you can obtain from that documentary he
describes how he and a team of scientists went to Alaska to dig up dead bodies of
people who died of the 1918 flu and then decoded it.

What do you say to that further proof that this present H1N1 virus was engineered in
a lab?

Can you explain why WHO said the virus was a not to be called the swine flu but the
H1N1 virus because it has nothing to do with pigs?

Why did virologist Adrian Gibbs say it had escaped from a lab?

What do you say to Dr Marc Girard who said this vaccine could kill 60,000 people in
France, above all pregnant women and children?

What do you say to a survey showing 65 % of French nurses would refuse the swine flu
shot over safety concerns?

What do you say to the fact that nurses in New Yorkwould rather face the sack than
take this vaccine?

What do you say to the way WHO changed the pandemic criteria in April 27th loosening
them to make a pandemic level 6 declaration possible?

What do you say to the fact that pharmaceutical exectives sat as observery on a key
vaccinary advisory group of WHO that recommended mass vaccinations on July 7th?

It has come to my attention that you are a member of the executive board of WHO, as
mentioned above.

Why is this fact not mentioned in your biography on your website? Are you aware that
your concealing this fact from the people of New Zealandmight give rises to
questions concerning whether you are involved in a conflict of interest?

The French Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot also concealed her 12 years of
employment for the pharmaceutical industry from the French general public? Is this

What measures, specifically, have you put in place to ensure that the Baxter swine
flu is independently tested? Please list all procedures.

Do you have financial or personal links with pharmaceutical companies that sit on
WHO’s vaccine advisory board as „observers“? Have you ever worked for them? Do any
of your family? Do you own shares in them?

I would like to apply for information on all government files concerning the
investigation you allegedly carried out on Baxter’s contamination of 72 kilos of
vaccine material because this issue has major implications for the New Zealandpublic
and the public health.

I request that you please provide a copy of all documentation upon which the
Ministry of Health is relying which substantiates:

"The Ministry has investigated allegations that Baxter Healthcare Limited supplied
H5N1 contaminated seasonal influenza vaccine, and is satisfied that this allegation
is not true.“

Although I am not a New Zealand citizen, I understand that I can, and hereby am,
formally requesting all information held by the NZ Government / Minister of Health/
Ministry of Health relating to myself, Jane Burgermeister; pertaining to the
criminal charges I have filed against Baxter International Inc and Avir, the
Austrian Minister of Health and the World Health Organisation in respect of the
„bird flu“ and „swine flu“.

Your actions in pushing ahead with mass vaccinations with Baxter’s vaccine with
inadequate investigations and safeguards strongly suggests the notion that you are
serving not the interests of the people of New Zealand but the interests of Baxter
and WHO.

I believe a full inquiry into your actions in respect of ordering the Baxter "swine
flu" jabs for mass vaccinations without adequate safety checks would serve the
interests of the people of New Zealand.

Regards, Jane Burgermeister