As 9/11’s 8th anniversary approaches

As 9/11/2009 approaches with the end of summer, marking an end of innocence for America, the two major groups of 9/11 activists have announced their agendas for activities before, on, and after 9/11.

Journalists, activists, questioners and answerers from around the world will participate. We Are Change will hold events beginning on Thursday, Sept. 10, through Saturday, Sept. 12. We Demand Transparency will similarly hold events from Saturday, Sept. 10, through Sunday, Sept. 13.

If “change” and “transparency” characterize the group issues, the gauntlet was thrown on the airwaves last Tuesday by Kevin Barrett [from the latter group] on his Fair and Balanced radio show. The gauntlet was laid down as well by 9/11Truth independent researcher, journalist, author Christopher Bollyn, focusing on his new online book, Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World.

(My humble reading — among many other speakers — of some 9/11 poems from my book, State Of Shock, for We Are Change’s Saturday 5 PM event seems quiet by contrast.)

But then, bless his soul, that’s Bollyn, who bears the name [in sound] of King Henry’s second wife, Anne, who ended as many of her predecessors: at the chop-shop. That’s a little sick, but I truly love his writing, his courage, and his cry for truth (as well as Kevin Barrett’s). In fact, they broke a story last Tuesday morning on “the extremely serious implications of the discovery of super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center.”