Swiss army stockpiles “swine flu” vaccines in preparation for mass forced vaccination

The army in Switzerland is starting to stockpile “swine flu” vaccines as it gears up for a mass forced vaccination of the Swiss population in autumn, according to a report in the Basler Zeitung.

The Swiss army today received the first shipment of a total of 16 million doses of vaccines as well as needles in readiness for mass forced vaccination of the entire population using two doses.

Thomas Meister, the head of pharmacy products and technology of the army pharmacy department, told Swiss TV that the vaccines came from USA, Germany and Spain, but it is not clear which pharmaceutical companies delivered them and whether Baxter was one of them.

It is not clear either whether the vaccines have passed clinical trials or whether they have been subjected to any safety tests.

The Swiss Ministry of Health ordered the army to buy the vaccines on the basis of the country’s pandemic plan – and WHO’s instructions to all 194 member states to mass vaccinate their populations by use of force.

The Cantons of Switzerland are reported to have plans already in place to force every single person living in each Canton to appear at a “vaccine center” at a specified time to take the vaccine or face prison.

The local police have been instructed to go through the register and ring every single person to get them to go to their vaccine center during the pandemic “emergency” predicted by “WHO” to occur from September onwards. No exceptions to the vaccine will be allowed.