Stockpiling Deals Link Baxter to CIA & Carlyle Group: Covert Ops Discredit Official Flu Response

This was in the latest newsletter from Dr Len Horowitz and dated the 24th of July, 2009.

Tetrahedron, LLC. Los Angeles–Profitable politics and lacking science condemns governmental preparations to administer “required” flu vaccines and drugs this year according to new evidence linking Tamiflu maker, Gilead Sciences, and flu vaccine producer, Baxter Corporation, to Carlyle Group investors and the CIA.

According to findings of conflicting interests discovered by governmental watchdog, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, as reported on web’s flu-news source,, profits from the unprecedented unproven flu vaccinations and Tamiflu sales this season for “biodefense” condemns high-profile officials and drug industrialists involved with the CIA and the Carlyle Group.
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