Kiwi masons deny sorcery claims

New Zealanders are among a group of 14 freemasons held by Fiji police for alleged sorcery, after a meeting at one of the country’s top tourist venues.

The lodge involved is declining to comment, but the Grand Secretary of Freemasons New Zealand, Laurence Milton, says the allegations are laughable.

“There is absolutely no sorcery,” he told Stuff. (Bullshit)

“It is like saying the opening of parliament is sorcery, it is simply a ceremony.” (Ceremony is a key part of sorcery)

The pro-military government Fiji Sun reported today that 14 people were attending their regular lodge meeting at Denarau – scene of several major tourist hotels - when police arrived and took them to the Nadi Police Station.

The group included prominent businessmen and expatriates.

The Sun said they were detained after a phone call by a member of the public who said he thought the group was a cult.

West Police information officer Wame Bautolu said they had received an anonymous phone call from a concerned member of the public.

“The rumour that the group was practising sorcery is just allegation,” he said.

“They were taken in for having a meeting without a permit.”

Fiji is under martial law and unauthorised meetings are banned.

Fiji Director Police Operations, Waisea Tabakau, told commercial radio operator Communications Fiji they had seized lodge paraphernalia, including wands, compasses and a skull.

The masons belonged to Lodge Polynesia which is part of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Freemasonry began in Fiji in 1871 in the old capital Levuka.