Paul Holmes Interviews Sue Kedgely & Kate Wilkinson About Plans To Put Synthetic Folic Acid In Bread In September
Food Standards Australia/New Zealand has mandated that all bread other than organic loaves will be required to include synthetic folic acid from September in New Zealand. The Food Safety Minister Kate Wilkinson claims she has no choice but to go ahead in spite of concerns that it may lead to an increase in cancer.

There is a 15.32 minutes interview regarding this matter with Green Party MP Sue Kedgley and Kate Wilkinson that was on TVNZ's Q + A on July the 12th, which can be heard and read at this link:

While Wilkinson claims New Zealand must abide by the rules of Food Standards Australia/ New Zealand, Kedgely is adamant government should delay implementing this form of mass medication, as Britain and Ireland have done.

Kedgely points out that there is new evidence from Chile, America and Canada, where synthetic folate was introduced on a mandatory basis, that links its use to significant increases in bowel cancer.

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Look at their website. It is deceptively claims that aspartame, the artificial sweetener also known as E951, is "a natural product," and "safe" when in reality it is a product of genetic engineering, which breaks down into poisons, including formaldyhyde and methanol.