US government to spend billions on toxic injections for the H1N1 virus while ignoring colloidal silver recommended by NASA

Citizens for legitimate government report that the US government is preparing to spend billions on “vaccine” injections against the H1N1 virus – a virus which the Paris-based World Organization for Animal Health has also said has never been seen before in animals or humans.

In addition, US public health officials anticipate they might need 3 billion dollars if the virus mutates to become more deadly. And it will certainly mutate to become more lethal if hundreds of millions of people in the USA and around the world are injected forcibly with toxins and viruses under the pretext of requiring a cure for a virus that was itself created and released by the very same entities now preparing the mandatory killer vaccines.

School-age children could be the first to get these injections and they will get them in school.

Thank you to the person who posted a comment pointing out that WHO and the US government are willfully ignoring safe alternative solutions to the virus like colloidal silver and not mandating that state agencies stock up on this, the most effective cure.

Colloidal Silver has been screened by NASA against all forms of pathogens, and has been approved as the single best solution to ward off viruses for astronauts in space!

Bionaid is offering $1 million for anyone who can disprove their claims about their nano silver product, so confident is the company of its product.

It’s also possible to build your own very basic colloidal silver generator at the cost of just tens of dollars (to be used with distilled water) or else to buy a good generator with a particle counter etc.

Because the virus goes in through the eyes and nose and can lie there dormant for up to 9 days before moving into the lungs in one hour, be sure to sprinkle drops into the eyes and nose regularly. Also, you can stop the virus spreading to the lung and intestines by inhaling and drinking colloidal silver. To stop this virus getting into your lungs at all costs is the main thing! Taking high doses vitamin C and D and also minerals to strengthen your immune system in general is also recommended as is taking extra precautions with disinfecting your hands and surfaces you come in contact with. If you have any advice or know of any remedies, please send them in to me or post them as comments.

The download site to find the documents to file criminal charges and injunctions concerning this is:

“U.S. Prepared to Spend Billions on Swine Flu Vaccine –Health Secretary Makes Announcement at All-Day Summit on H1N1 Flu Outbreak 09 Jul 2009 School-age children will be among the population groups likely to get pandemic H1N1 flu vaccine in the fall, and they may get their shots at schools. Vaccines, now being made by five companies [pharma-terrorists] will probably be available in tens of millions of doses by the second week in October. The vaccine supply, which could amount to as much as 200 million doses, will all be acquired by the federal government, which will then distribute it to states, territories, cities, tribal governments and federal agencies.”

Heads up! Administration readies $350 million for state, local responders to combat flu pandemic –The Obama administration said today that it has billions of dollars available to help pay for a national H1N1 flu vaccine program that could be ready starting in mid-October. 08 Jul 2009 Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius made the announcement at an all-day summit on the outbreak of what is more commonly known as swine flu. Sebelius said the government has “already appropriated about a billion dollars to buy the bulk ingredients” [i.e., insect parts, influenza viruses, Neomycin, Polymyxin, Gentamycin, Thimerosal (mercury), Betapropiolactone, Nonoxynol, Octoxinol 9, Formaldehyde - yum yum!] and has $7.5 billion more available in emergency preparedness funds. Congress approved $350 million for state and local responders in a recent supplemental war funding bill, and the administration is set to distribute the funds. Public health officials said they could need $3 billion if the H1N1 virus mutates into a more deadly form this fall.