(NZ) Anti smacking referendum

New Zealand is to vote in a referendum next month on the so called "anti smacking" law that made it illegal for New Zealand parents to use any physical force to discipline their children.

The law was forced through parliament by failed Green Party leader wannabe Sue Bradford (an unelected politician) in spite of massive opposition from the people of NZ. Following the non democratic passing of the law a petition was started to gather enough signatures to force a citizens initiated referendum to vote to have the law repealed.

The petition reached the required number of signatures and the referendum is to go ahead, letters are arriving in everyone's letter boxes telling us to enrol to vote and reminding us all that it is a criminal offence to not enrol to vote.

The cost of holding the referendum is quoted in the media to be $9,000,000.
Prime Minister John Key has informed the public that the vote will have no effect on the law regardless of the outcome and the leader of the opposition Phil Goff has publicly stated that he along with John Key will not be voting in the referendum.

The message from this current Government is the same as it was from the previous Government and that is "stuff the people of NZ and what they want".
We have yet another Government that cares not what the public opinion is on certain issues and is openly trampling on the democratic process and spitting in the face of the people.

The issue now is not about smacking children, it is about our elected representatives who are openly derailing the democratic process.

What use is there in the Government spending $9 million dollars on a referendum while at the very same time they openly state that they will not change the law even if 100% of the vote calls for the law to be abolished?

Can we still say we live in a democracy when our voice and will as a nation is completely disregarded by those with whom we have entrusted with the stewardship of our country?

How far will this current Government go against the will of the people on other issues given that they have now boldly and brazenly shown their contempt for the democratic process and the will of the people, given that we as a nation will allow them to do so without even a whimper?

I fear for this country, for decades we have watched successive governments continually erode our sovereignty and civil rights and this current National government appears to not only be continuing the destruction of NZ, they look to be accelerating the whole process
of the destruction of our democracy, the "Auckland Super City" being the most obvious example of this.

And it is all being done with a smile. When will the people of New Zealand wake up and realise our elected representatives are out of our control and serving interests other than those of the people they are pretending to represent?

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