Bayer’s Toxic Rice

The chemical giant Bayer — the same Bayer which brought you aspirin, heroin and mustard gas, and currently manufactures a wide variety of pesticides, herbicides, polyurethanes and other questionable chemicals — has wrapped their toxic fingers around our rice.

This is nothing new. The company’s glufosinate-resistant LL62 genetically modified rice isn’t commercially grown, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t already entered the global food supply.

In 2006, Bayer’s genetically modified LL601 rice was found in food shipments of rice exported from the United States. Even more shocking is the fact that in 2006, the rice wasn’t even approved for human consumption. Experimental field trials of Bayer’s GM rice had contaminated conventional rice crops, exposing the world to engineered rice and resulting in a rash of lawsuits against Bayer from angry farmers in Japan to Russia and beyond. In the end, the scandal cost the global rice industry 1.2 billion US dollars.