IAEA confirms: Egypt has nuclear weapons program

For years, we’ve been arguing that Egypt is running a low-profile military nuclear program. Some Israeli intelligence analysts share our view based on the fact that Egypt operates lab-size nuclear reactors. This view is unpopular among Israeli and American politicians because the only rational course of action, attacking the Egyptian reactors, is not feasible due to the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s officials leaked the 2007 and 2008 reports which prove that weapons-grade uranium has been found near Inshas, where the Egyptian reactors are located. (The Washington Post reports)

The Egyptians have been evasive on this matter, ludicrously blaming the uranium traces on medical radio isotopes.

Now it is absolutely certain that Egypt has very slowly been accumulating uranium, enriching it in its research facilities in order to make a small number of nuclear bombs. It is no less certain that the gutless Israeli government will keep its head in the sand and stick to the fake peace treaty instead of bombing the Egyptian reactors immediately.

The IAEA leak can possibly be attributed to Iran, which sought to embarrass Egypt after their recent feud, but more likely it is the work of American diplomats who thus send Israel a message that she cannot go on bombing all the reactors in the vicinity, and must put up with a nuclear Iran.