Real life “Ice Man” climbed up Mount Everest wearing a pair of shorts

Here is one for the "forget everything you have been told files"

Wim Holf, Iceman. His super power? The ability to withstand ridiculous cold.

Meet Wim Hof, a man who runs barefoot through snow, can survive temperatures that would kill a normal man, and who climbed up Mount Everest wearing shorts. The last part is not a joke, unbelievably. Known as “The Ice Man,” Wim Hof has been setting and breaking (his own usually) records concerning the cold.

What are some of the outrageous feats this “Ice Man” has accomplished?

* Ran a half-marathon in his bare feet 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle

* Swam under the ice at the North Pole for 80 meters

* Stood in a 5-foot tall plexiglass container filled with ice for an hour and 12 minutes

* Climbed Mount Everest with no protection other than a pair of shorts

Many men and women have died or become seriously injured/sick/frostbitten climbing Mount Everest, and many people come away from the experience missing a finger or two. Dr. Ken Kamler knows first-hand about the dangers of Mount Everest, and stated that “people are always looking for new firsts on Everest. It’s been climbed so many times now, people climb it without oxygen, they … they climb it with all different kinds of handicaps. But no one has come close to climbing Everest in those kinds of conditions,” Dr. Kamler said. “It’s … it’s almost inconceivable.”