Australia recommends Anzac integration

New Zealand and Australia have discussed a closer defence relationship to deal with emerging crises in the Pacific, it was reported today.

The New Zealand Herald reported Australia's new defence white paper recommended integration ''in the Anzac tradition''.

The proposals have not been defined but could be as ambitious as an Anzac task force capable of deploying at short notice, the report said.

Defence Minister Wayne Mapp had held discussions with Australian Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon on the potential to tighten the already close relationship.

''I expect a more collaborative approach,'' Mr Mapp said.

Prime Minister John Key told reporters not to read it as anything new.

''The Government is obviously working on its defence review and we will be looking at greater interoperability with Australia and the potential there,'' he said.

''But in reality we work with Australia and we (will) continue to do so for a long time.''