Doubts over mandatory folic acid fortification

Findings of a new Chilean study published in the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, led by Dr Sandra Hirsch, have provided further temporal evidence that a synthetic folic acid fortification is associated in time with an additional risk of colon cancer.

Researchers at Tufts University had studied trends in colorectal cancer from 1986 to 2002 in the US and Canada, and published their findings in the July 2007 issue of Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention. The Harvard Women’s Health Watch article tells us that these showed "a 15-year decline that was suddenly reversed in the early fortification years, when average blood levels of folate doubled. As a result, an extra four to six cases of colorectal cancer per 100,000 people per year — a total of 16,500 extra cases — were estimated to have occurred".

So it certainly looks to us as if mandatory folic acid fortification may not be appropriate for everyone! Whether appropriate or not, it seems all wrong that people are being denied choice in this! Fortification with the food form (5-MTHF) would make more sense, but this might be considered too expensive. ">FULL ARTICLE HERE