Searle, Monsanto and Ajinomoto: Three Corporate Miscreants in the Toxic Junk Food Additive and Aspartame Business

Each day, I hear more disturbing news about Monsanto, the maker of Round-Up and the agricultural company that has been polluting the world with various poisons for decades with products such as Agent Orange and industrial coolants known as PCB's.

Monsano's advertising campaigns have convinced many people that Round-Up is safe, but the facts just don't support this.

The Women's Cancer Resource Center (WCRC) and CHOSE (Coalition for a Healthy Oakland School Environment), showed that chemicals such as Round-Up (glyphosate) can result in reproductive damage as well as damage to the kidney and liver, and some studies show a link between the chemical and cancer. (Chemical Injury Network, June 2001)

According to the National Audubon Society, of the roughly 672 million birds exposed to chemicals such as Round-Up in the United States each year, 10 percent - or 67 million - are killed.

While much of the controversy over Monsanto has centered on its products and technology, there have also always been concerns about the company's high level connections to the United States Government due to Monsanto's monetary contributions to important officials and the fact that for decades there has been a revolving door filled with people who worked within the USDA and the FDA, as well as for Monsanto.