J Day Wellington 2009 Photos

May 2nd 2009 was J Day, a nationwide peaceful protest against failed and harmful drug law in New Zealand. J Day is part of the Global Marijuana March, happening in over 200 cities around the world.
Wellington turned on a mild sunny day after a week of rain and around 200-300 people turned up to show their support for the cause and smoke some bud in the sun.

The venue was Frank Kitts Park located on Wellington's waterfront which has an outdoor amphitheatre.
A DJ entertained the crowd with a variety of beats and the sweet smell of burning cannabis wafted around it throughout the afternoon.

The Police opted for the covert surveillance option over a direct presence and no blue uniforms were seen all day, at 4.20 when everyone gathered into a crowd in the middle of the park for the mass "session" an undercover police car switched on it's red and blue lights over the road from the park.

A small crowd of bemused passers-by stood around the edge and several tourists were filming and photographing in amazement at the spectacle.

It was a "highly successful" event ;-) Everyone was cheerful and well behaved and the organisers deserve a round of applause for this years event.

Below are some photos of the afternoon.

Michael Appleby addresses the crowd

Danyl Strypes speaking about Norml and his own activism efforts such as when he ran against notorious prohibitionist Peter Dunn

Michael Appleby proudly shows off his version of "Snakes And Ladders"

Which some of the crowd later had a go at playing