How To Easily Download And Save Youtube And Other Videos From The Internet

So if you do not already know how, this is how you can save almost any flash video file you see and want to keep from websites to your hard drive such as what you find at YOUTUBE

This method relies upon you using FIREFOX WEB BROWSER before downloading the video.

Next click on this link and download the add-on Video DownloadHelper 4.3

All good so far! Install DownloadHelper, follow the instructions and you are nearly ready to go.

You will see this image appear next to the address bar at the top of the browser. Whenever you are at a page that contains video files (sometimes you need to click play on the video first) that icon will light up in colour and start spinning, click the spinning icon and a drop menu will display the name(s) of the FLV VIDEO FILE you wish to download. Click the file name and tell it where to save the file and away you go!

You will need a media player that can play FLV VIDEO FILES

The recommended player is VLC which is free to download and install and it plays nearly every type of video file out there.

Good luck and have fun.