Hemp: Some Say It Can Feed The World, Others Fear It Could Topple Industries!

The story of hemp being banned for cultivation in the U.S. in 1937 under the Marijuana Tax Act is a story of criminal conspiracy to deprive Americans and most of the world of one of the best plants given to us by the Creator of the Universe to be used for food and thousands of other industrial purposes. What’s sad is that a large majority of people in this country believe that hemp is just another word for marijuana and that somehow you could get high on hemp. A little investigative research into the different species of the Cannabis plant will quickly dispel this myth.

The same industries that decided to do away with the hemp plant in the US, through pressure on the United Nations and a "war on drugs", have exported that prohibition to practically the whole world. Seeing that even the drug use of hemp - marijuana - is comparable to and probably less damaging physically than other common drugs like sugar, coffee, alcohol and nicotine, it does not make sense that some drugs should be "legal" while others are wiped out, even in their industrial and food uses.

And who, anyway, is "the government" to tell its citizens what they may morally do and what they must not do ... or be imprisoned. Are they not supposed to work for *us*?