ACT NZ Looking To The Future; Defence/Arms Industry

"Exactly how does a military-industrial complex work? There are many approaches but, unlike Australia and other countries, New Zealand doesn’t have a whole-of-Government policy relating to Defence Industry. In fact, current law specifically prohibits an acquisition option other than ‘best and fairest’. It also prohibits seeking counter-trade for Defence acquisitions offshore.

By comparison, Australia aggressively negotiates for rights to build military platforms or access to other markets as part of its Defence acquisition process.

I understand that Australia has, in the past, factored New Zealand Defence requirements into its calculations for tooling up production. This is not necessarily a bad thing - shared construction projects like RNZN ships are just one positive example of CER and CDR at work." Mike Wardlaw. Speech to the Defence Industry Association Luncheon Meeting; Sea Cadet Headquarters, Evans Bay, Wellington; Thursday, March 26 2009.