Earth Hour Saturday 28th March 09

From 8.30pm this Saturday all sheeple are called upon to switch off "non essential" lights and appliances to help save the planet.

Earth Hour is the World Wide Fund for Natures global climate change initiative and many New Zealanders are expected to switch off their lights for one hour this weekend as well as their brains.

The fact that doing so will do nothing to save anything except perhaps a few cents off your power bill will likely not register in the minds of the simple people being shoved head first into a global carbon taxation system controlled by Rothschild interests in the name of "saving the planet" from global warming.

openUReyes calls upon all thinking persons to reject this nonsense and inform your neighbours of the "global warming/climate change" scam and the agenda of the New World Order to use this to create a world government and taxation system.

Watch "Global Warming Or Global Governance"