Another Movie Review - The Obama Deception

The Obama Deception is the latest documentary film from talk-show host anti-Globalist activist Alex Jones. The film opens with dramatic election footage backed by excerpts from various Obama speeches but wastes no time tearing into Obama’s populist image with an opening monologue by rapper and activist KRS-One (aka Kris Parker) that compares the role of president to being shift manager at a Burger King. Parker ends his diatribe by observing that the angry customers (i.e. voters) can complain all day to the manager but never get to see the owners of the restaurant.

Parker’s analogy summarizes the film’s premise: Barack Obama, like all U.S. presidents since JFK, is little more than an attractive empty suit who was promoted by the political “elites” to quell public anger over the direction of the Bush administration. The president’s role is largely ceremonial to pacify the masses while the real power is held by international bankers and non-elected bodies like the Federal Reserve and the mysterious Bildeberg Group. These non-elected bodies aim to consolidate their world power by precipitating a crisis (e.g. the recent failure of the banking system tied to sub-prime mortgages) that will coax the people into submitting more of their civil liberties to centralized powers in exchange for (perceived) security.

Jones seeks to prove this thesis by demonstrating a long history of economic imperialism, the way unelected bodies have affected the policies of past U.S. presidents (the JFK conspiracy is discussed, as he was allegedly the last president who truly tried to change the system; his comeuppance is illustrated via the infamous Zapruder assassination film) and most importantly compare the one-time senator Obama’s platform to what has actually been done since he took the white house. Despite President Obama’s term being barely 3 months, Jones provides a rather impressive list of promises already broken by the 44th president of the United States:

* Instead of repealing the patriot act as pledged, Barrack Obama voted to reinstate it
* Obama watered down his original pledge to bring all troops home from Iraq in 6 months. Now a only portion of troops will allegedly be brought home in 23 months
* While signing off the closing of Guantanamo bay, Obama’s mandate still allows for rendition; the administration threatened to cut intelligence ties to the United Kingdom over alleged evidence of American misdeeds
* Despite being elected on a platform of neutralizing lobbyists, Obama’s cabinet contains some of the most powerful lobbyists in the country. Most notably, treasury secretary Timothy Geithner was a top lobbyist for Goldman Sachs – to date, the leading beneficiary of the so-called stimulus packages ($12.9 billion)

This documentary excels at providing externally verifiable facts and sometimes shocking footage. For instance, most people probably didn’t know that Barrack Obama -model liberal- has ties to staunch Republicans. The film reveals one of Obama’s early endorsers to be none other than Henry Kissinger - the former Secretary of State is shown in a CNBC clip declaring Obama to be the perfect candidate to set a new world order.

Seasoned skeptics will be relieved to hear that The Obama Deception provides a concise description of what they believe to be President Obama’s agenda for the coming years:

1. Bringing the US financial system under the control of the Bank of the World
2. Conscription for persons aged 18-24 into a domestic paramilitary force under direct command of the president
3. Disarmament of Americans through stricter gun control
4. Strong restrictions on free speech through promotion of the Fairness Doctrine and various hate speech laws
5. Military control of African resources through Africom (to secure resources and push away China from the continent)
6. Further integration with Mexico and Canada in preparation for the North American Union
7. Federal control of family farms through animal ID legislation

Perhaps most shockingly, the film alleges that Obama will in due time fall on his sword and take responsibility for the social upheaval resulting from this agenda. This virtual abdication will pave the way for the next Republican “saviour” who will court the American people as a renegade against socialism, all while perpetuating the agenda dictated by the “elites”.

It’s at this point that The Obama Deception starts to resemble the standard conspiracy theory flick, recently popularized by Zeitgeist and Loose Change (Jones was executive producer for the latter). This perception is only bolstered by the film-maker’s own footage of supported activists picketing and harassing cars entering various political functions they allege to be anti-democratic, playing cat and mouse with event security. The factual portions of the film are not immune to scrutiny either. The Obama Deception backs its core thesis by repeatedly sequencing verifiable information, somewhat alarming (if abbreviated) video clips that could be taken out of context and allusions to sinister activity that seem logical based on the presented information. It’s the classic Yes-Yes strategy of persuasion used by the aforementioned films – a technique that can reach the same level of deception Jones alleges of the president. Alex Jones is no stranger to controversy himself, having spearheaded a movement to rebuild the infamous Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas that was destroyed by the ATF during its pursuit of cult leader David Koresh. Jones has also produced several conspiratorial films such as Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement and 911: The Road to Tyranny (containing some of the more infamous 911 conspiracy theories). In fact, it could be said that The Obama Deception is merely clever marketing in that it attacks Obama in a seemingly partisan way to bait audiences into hearing Jones’ traditional messages regarding totalitarian world government.

Hence, the Obama Deception is not the smear job some political partisans may have hoped for; instead, it is a discomforting launch point for discussion about the impotence of American democracy. If viewers come away from this film with one question, it is hopefully be why such readily available facts and inconsistencies must be highlighted in fringe films and not the so-called free press (from the Huffington Post to FOX News) that shapes the vast majority of public opinion and has been supposedly liberated by the internet.

A large grain of salt is required, as always, but some of this information simply can’t be dismissed out of hand (plus, we skeptics were given a prediction score-card on which to grade the film). Watch and decide for yourself.