(UK)Investigation into Lancashire County Council, the Blues and Twos Credit Union Ltd and Lancashire Police.

My investigations into Lancashire County Council(LCC) started over 6weeks ago when I first discovered them listed on Dunn and Bradstreets’ website. It is listed there as a company and all of the schools in the county are listed as their ‘trading names’. I was interested to know more about the corporate status of LCC.

LCC was not the only supposed government organisation I found listed as a company on the above website. I could not, however, find them listed at Companies House, the UK Company Register database. This got me thinking!

From my own experience, any incorporated company registered in the UK is done so through Companies House, which is a Trading Fund. The office registered (the ‘registered office’) can either be the main place of business, the home address of the ‘owner/s’ or their solicitors’ office! If the registered offices is outside the UK its not on Companies House.

When I first phoned LCC, about 3wks ago, to ask them about what I had found on D&B I was met with confusion from whom ever I spoke to. I spoke to many different people all of which couldn’t answer my questions and could not put me onto some who could! Then I found one that could!

My question was very simple, “ Is Lancashire County Council a company and if so where is it registered?”

The first answer I always got was “LCC is a local authority, not a company”. My reply to this was very simple too:

“If that is the case, then why can I pay nearly $500 for Dun and Bradstreet International Business report. What information have they got that is worth $500 that I, as a member of the public, can’t get off you for free? Do members of the public have to pay tens of thousands of pounds to get individual reports on all its branch trading activities?”