British Government Calls Summit Over Rising Anti-Semitism

'Anti-Semitism has become such a problem that the Foreign Office welcomed nearly 100 legislators from 35 countries to a conference this week aimed at tackling the issue.The inaugural conference of the Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism (ICCA) is the first of its kind to receive such prominent Government support.

The two-day summit was held in the Houses of Parliament and at Lancaster House. The Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, said: "Anti-Semitism has been with us for millennia, but has mutated in form and expression through the ages. Today it has adapted to new technologies and has no defined borders".'

I am sick of hearing the constant whining about 'racism' from these self-appointed censors and hypocrites when (a) racism around the world is not confined to Jewish people, though you would think so to hear these guys go on (and on); and (b) Israel is one of the most racist societies on earth.

By that, I don't just mean racist towards Palestinians, but towards Jews of different origin also. Try telling the black Jews from Ethiopia that Israel is a fair and non-racist society given the appalling discrimination they suffer there.

If you pepper-bomb the most populated piece of land in the world, killing and maiming thousands of civilians, then expect decent people with hearts that are open to speak out against it. But legitimate challenge to such inhuman behaviour is dubbed 'anti-Semitic'.

No, it's the result of basic human decency and empathy with the victims of such State terrorism - no racism necessary.

And, lest we forget, at least the overwhelming majority of Jews are not descendants of the Biblical Hebrews, and therefore not 'Semites', which refers to a language group made up almost entirely of what are now called Arabic people.

So it is, ironically, the callous and merciless bombing of, and discrimination against, the Palestinians that is truly 'anti-Semitic'.

This news story is about one thing: using the weapon of alleged 'anti-Semitism' to censor the Internet and stop legitimate criticism of barbaric behaviour against a devastated people - and to ban the legitimate questioning of why so many Zionists occupy key positions of power in governments and institutions around the world.

If the same were true of Arab people or black people or Chinese people there would be an outcry - from the Zionists.