Every PC in the World Spies for China

And now the Manchurian microchip

Robert Eringer

October 18, 2008 7:13 AM

The geniuses at Homeland Security who brought you hare-brained procedures at airports (which inconvenience travelers without snagging terrorists) have decreed that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. This means The Investigator -- at the risk of compromising national insecurities -- would be remiss not to make you aware of the hottest topic in U.S. counterintelligence circles: rogue microchips. This threat emanates from China (PRC) -- and it is hugely significant.

Why the European Union is fundamentally fascist

We are living in the age of the New Totalitarians. Almost all the so called ‘leaders’ of the member states of the Europe Union are in thrall to the Corporatist Ideology of the architects of the New World Order.


Mutant Seeds for Mesopotamia

One would think that Iraqi farmers, now prospering under "freedom" and "democracy," would be able to plant the seeds of their choosing, but that choice, under little-known Order 81, would be illegal.


Iraqi Death Toll Exceeds 1 Million

Roughly 90% of the casualties, thus far, are civilian.


DARPA building search engine for video surveillance footage

The government agency that birthed the Internet is developing a sophisticated search engine for video, and when complete will allow intelligence analysts to sift through live footage from spy drones, as well as thousands of hours worth of archived recordings, in order to spot a variety of selected events or behaviors.

Conspiracy Theories: "Jewish banks masterminded crisis"

That Israel's economy seems to have emerged relatively unscathed from the crisis has leant much ammunition to enemies of the Jewish state. As does the fact that many of the world's financial leaders are of Jewish descent.
Figures such as US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, his predecessor Alan Greenspan, World Bank President Robert Zoellik, UK Business Secretary Peter Mandelson and the 2008 recipient of the Nobel Prize for economics, Paul Krugman, have all come under attack due to their heritage.

Obama will face an unexpected test within the first six months of his presidency.

Colin Powell Warns Of Coming Crisis “We Don’t Even Know About Right Now”
Colin Powell has made bizarre comments that echo the recent declaration by Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden that there will be an “international crisis” early into Barack Obama’s presidency that will test the new president by forcing him to make unpopular decisions.

Albright Agrees with Biden: Obama Will Face Unexpected Test

H5N1 DNA in Flu Vaccine

Flu Mist a popular over the counter live flu vaccine has been found to contain two H5N1 DNA markers, these markers seem to have been sewn into the flu mist vaccine to ensure that H5N1 or another strain of Avian Flu goes pandemic. This is going to cause major problems before long, it is imperative that people are warned about flu mist.

Turmeric for cancer?

Curcumin has long been known for its multiple disease-fighting features, including anti-tumour properties. “Newer evidence describes how curcumin interacts with certain proteins to generate anti-cancer activity inside the body.


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